Sew Happy

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

drawing a blank

Well, here I sit. Trying to think of somthing interesting to post. Still thinking. And thinking. I did start a new project today. My daughter Mia has a little pink doll stroller she adores. I bought it at Target for less than $10. Mia loves it. I love because she loves it, but never really liked the pink heart fabric used for the seat. Why oh why do they have to make kids toys so ugly? The heart fabric has bothered me since I bought it. Today, months later, I finally decided to do something about it. I'm making a new seat out of some tropical pink and green fabric with a contrasting pink gingham shade. It will look great with the pink frame of the stroller. And the best part... I'll be able to enjoy looking at it. And no one else at the playground will have the same stroller. Even better. I did take a before picture of the project, but since it would require me to download the pictures off the camera in order to post it, you'll just have to wait. Why does downloading the camera seem like such work? Ok, I'm going to finish that stroller tonight and surprise Mia with it in the morning.